Skater & Players of the Month

Skater of the Month


Congratulations to our AUFEIS Hockey Skater of the Month, Nhi Do! Nhi Do passed the US Figure Skating Senior Freestyle Test on February 28, 2018 to become a US Figure Skating Double Gold Medalist. This is the highest honor a figure skater can earn from US Figure Skating, qualifying her for Championship Level events. Nhi began her journey more than 10 years ago in the Learn to Skate program at what was then the Westminster Ice Palace. Along the way, Nhi has qualified for 2 National Championships, won 2 Sectional Medals, and 7 Regional Medals, 3 of them Gold! An Honor Student Senior at Pacifica High School in Garden Grove, Nhi continues to balance training before and after school at Westminster Ice with preparing to attend University. She is an inspiration to the young skaters with her amazing work habits! Nhi is coached by World and Olympic Team Coach Doug Chapman and World Champion, Olympic Silver Medalist Dianne DeLeeuw. Congratulations and keep up the good work Nhi!

Youth Player of the Month

Audrey started skating at the age of 4 at The Rinks in a Mommy and Me class at Westminster ICE. Since then she’s been an ice-girl! Early on she joined synchro-skating for two seasons with The Rockers team and has made so many life-long friends from The Rinks.  She's been competing in individual ice skating for 5 years now and remains a member of USFS, currently working on her Moves in the Field levels. When Audrey was 6 1/2 she tried Try Hockey for Free day at The Rinks and with some besties, started Learn to Play Hockey and Hockey Initiation. From there she joined The Rinks In House league, and moved on to join club hockey in 2017. This year marks her second season playing for the Jr. Ducks. She enjoys hanging out with her friends both on and off the ice.  Her goals are to continue to train and improve her skating in both sports, balancing her love of school along the way.

Adult Player of the Month

CJ is a team player with great sportsmanship. CJ started playing just a few months ago in the Adult Learn to Play Hockey program and quickly progressed to join the Rookie League. After making a few friends, CJ went above and beyond with putting a group together to join the Ducks 25 hours of Hockey; with some help from last month’s player of the month, Chip Lehman! The time, dedication, and effort to get a group of random hockey players out to skate for a once in a life time event at 2 in the morning is not only impressive but shows the dedication and passion he has for this sport. Congratulations, CJ!